Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is Sarah Palin Nostradamus?

In a frightening example of seeing the future Sarah Palin answered the Miss Alaska beauty pagent question “How Could You Help The World?
by responding
" Shooting guns, joining the PTA then joining a man resembling a hairless Albino lab rat to be his Vice President."


Anonymous said...


Hey! This is Judy's friend Roya. I am now one of the 8 people who follow your blog AND radio show. People here in PA gut deer and build trailer parks on top of trucks too!

Help, get me out!

Love the comments on Hannah Montana and Sarah Pallin.

Roya Swartz

spentcattle said...

Hi Roya,
Thanks mucho for reading and listening. Judy's mentioned a rocky road for you and I'm not talking about the ice cream. Hope things get better.