Tuesday, September 9, 2008

McCain's Emergency Housing Bailout Plan to Give Each Lower Income Family a House from the Game 'Monopoly'

“Its not so much a piece of plastic to put over your head as it is a symbol of the American Dream. Plus if times get really tough you can mortgage it and get back half your investment which is in this case nothing.”
McCain went on to add that Sarah Palin does now indeed have foreign policy experience after landing several times on Baltic and Mediterranean Ave.

Suggestions for Bush to Secure Spot as Worse President in History

I sure hope he doesn’t blow this rare opportunity:
Forget off shore drilling. Drill aggressively on the San Andreas fault so people can have natural gas right in their backyards.
Confuse the Timetable for the Troop Withdrawl in Iraq with an Amtrak timetable for D.C trains to Baltimore.
Set up a committee to establish waterboarding as a new Olympic sport for the 2012 games.
Endorse a new product ‘WMD 40’ that helps lubricate Weapons of Mass destruction.
Let Dick Cheney blow the faces off of the Presidents on Mt Rushmore by using a super big shotgun funded by the NRA.
Put up a giant volleyball net in-between the treacherous Pakistani Afghan border and challenge Al Quaida to a best two of out three match.
Take the hardline “we will do everything we need to be tough in Russia. We are going to “Razz” Putin"
Create new image for Freddie Mac by changing its name to Billy Jack.
Stage a Dirty Dancing Farewell party in the Oval office with Ryan Seacrest as the Host.