Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Plans to Deliver Acceptance Speech from Set of Giant Pick Up Trucks and Mobile Homes

In a move to upstage Obama's dramatic speech from the Roman columns of the Invesco center his Republican counterpart, John McCain, plans to bring the country his acceptance speech from an elaborately built set of Pick up trucks and seven mobile homes (the latest house count of Mr. McCain)
A McCain spokesman "We want to show the country Mr. McCain is one of you and barring any indoor tornadoes it should be powerful. And we might have a few dramatic suprises like a napalm attack or Carrie Underwood waterboarding Mr. McCain."

Senile McCain Picks Hannah Montana as Vice President

Rumors abound about McCain’s senility after he picks Hannah Montana as VP choice.
“I need to get in touch with the young people and for them to know I’m behind them.Plus with Montana a swing state this solidifies my base in the West, plus I understand she’s black."