Monday, September 29, 2008

401-K Plans to Change Name to 'K'

With the recent stock market plunge and decimation of 401k accounts, many brokerage houses are now changing the names of the retirement account to just "K" since most accounts are roughly worth 1000 dollars. Some clients at Merrill Lynch are opting for 12 boxes of Special K in exchange for the financial assets.

Palin to Watch Several Episodes of the Cartoon "Bullwinke" to Prepare For the Upcoming Debate

Palin justified spending her precious time watching cartoons in a recent statement:
"Boris and Natasha were thinly veiled Russians chasing a moose. Here in Alaska we can relate to this central metaphor of failed cartoon diplomacy, okay maybe not so much a metaphor since I have personally seen from my patio several Russians chasing a moose. "