Monday, August 17, 2009

Existensialist Movement Revived by Obama Health Care Debate

With the Obama administration insisting private companies cover "pre-existing conditions" Existensialism is enjoying a new found popularity.
"Not only is your current existence meaningless but before you even existed there still existed a lack of any meaning whatsoever. The fact that governments wants to address this says existensialism is now mainstream" says Helmut Stutgard, philosopher who is homeless but survives the streets of Berlin selling his Schnitzel art.
Stutgard went on to add that "God in fact may not even be dead but faking it to eliminate any costly Death Panel debates"

Republicans Fight Health Care Reform with Popular Country Songs

Striking a chord in middle America, Republicans have hired country western stars to rewrite popular country western songs to fight the Obama Health Care plan.
Some of the new songs include:
"Grandma got run over by A Reindeer Hired by a Death Panel."
"She has Betty Davis Eyes, Literally thats all she could afford."
"Doctor Doctor give me the news I have a bad case of the Government Option Blues."
"Jesus Take the Wheel and Please Run Some Errands for Me, I'm in a Line Around the Block Waiting for Basic Health Care."