Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Conspiracy Theories Abound About Shoe Throwing Incident

People are already circulating theories about what they consider the "real story" behind the Iraqi shoe thrower.
There is allegedly a "Shoe"pruder' film that shows 4 shoes thrown from different angles but two were intercepted by Secret Service Agents. Other people cling to the "single Odor Eater trajectory theory." While still others point to the ten sox found abandonned on the desert knoll as suggesting something greater at work here.
Some people are citing reports that the Iraqi journalist was trained at a comfortable footwear terrorist camp.
Another theory believes the whole thing was staged to try and win first prize on America's Funniest Videos but the President decided he would try and make it real to gain sympathy. A spinoff theory also claimed Dick Cheney shot a hunting buddy in the foot at the same time.
While still others point out there that if you take the film of the hurling shoes and put in super mo one shoe spun nine times and the other eleven times in addition the incident took place at 9:11 Iraqi time


Anonymous said...

The Iraqi(s) that threw the shoes sold their sole [sic] for a little fame.

Anonymous said...

Ouch at Anonymous, but he/she has a point. Didn't Bush say that he looked into the man's eyes and saw his soul.