Friday, October 23, 2009

Kanye West Swears He Owns Illegal Guns

Upset about all the publicity Lil Wayne is getting after the illegal gun charges Kanye West is stepping forward.
At a recent press conference Kanye rambled and spouted:
"I own several guns, none of which are registered. Pull me over I dare you.
The police are scared of me. I thought for sure my "My Other Gun Isnt legally Registered Either" bumper sticker would make me a player.
Hell I eat .40-calibre semi-automatic's for breakfast.
In fact when I interrupted Taylor Swift I was packing. I really wanted to say Beyonce's firearms are the best but I didnt want to get her in trouble.
And you know when Plaxico Burris accidentally shot himself.
That was my gun in his pants and no he wasn't just happy to see me.
I supply most of the hip hop and rapper world with their pieces.
You see I'm a firm believer in gun control. There are lots of guns and I control them."


Susan said...

Yes! Control the guns! Own the guns--control the guns--hold the guns--fire the guns--protect the guns! Guns! Kanye! Penis! Freud! Taylor! It all swirls into the abyss called the unconscious where all phallic symbols become the gun of all guns. I love Kanye! I love guns! I love the unconscious! It's all about heterosexuality! The control to own...

how's that for stream of conscious narrative? And I am like this all the time.

The way of the gun.

Anonymous said...