Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Reasons Chicago Didn't Get The Olympics

Real Reasons Chicago Didn’t Get the Olympics:

During the Presentation all the Chicago delegates were chewing on toothpicks.

The logo of the Beefy Ribs encapsulating the city didn’t cut it.

The Olympic committee wasn’t impressed by the video showing a flaming arrow lighting up the giant Foam Finger of the Number 1

The five Olympic ring of Deep Dish Pizza was too heavy on the sausage.

Mayor Daley gave each of the Olympic Voting members a GAF Viewmaster
to present his vision of the future.

The video of how the lakefront might appear in 2016 including Man eating Asian carp.

The Chicago delegation just assumed dead members of the Olympic committee would be part of the voting.

In a quest to match the color and passion of the Brazilian dancer’s presentation, the Chicago committee left the actual peacock on their festive headdress of feathers.

The Olympic voting committee didn’t bite on their competitive slogan
“Chicago: We put the Carny in Carnivale.”

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