Sunday, November 20, 2011

What They Almost Called "Occupy Wall Street"

Before "they" settled on the phrase "Occupy Wall Street" these names were being considered for the movement but were abandonned at the last minute.

"One percent capitalist bastards who like those Christmas Lexus commercials where the cars have large red bows around them"

"We do in fact swim in your toilet and we will in fact pee in your park"

"Pay it forward, backwards and sideways"

"Too Big To Fail is about Banks not Erectile dysfunction"

"Storm the Orange Julius"

"The 1% control the other 99% which leaves the Other 5% helpless. See we need more money for education"

"You Took the Trust out of Trust Fund"

"My other Mercedes has more debt than this one"

"My mortgage is so underwater I sold it Jacques Cousteau"

"U.S.D.D" United States Deficit Disorder. Please pay attention.

"This is a good excuse as any to form a drum circle"

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