Tuesday, August 26, 2008

P.O.W Subprime problem

It’s clear the McCain camp is taking a page out of the Bush camp “would you please pass the mash potatoes no it wouldn’t be fair to the troops” strategy to deflect any criticism on any subject by wrapping yourself in the American flag.
Now with McCain it doesn’t matter he’s out of touch with how many houses he has as long as he spent five and half years in the most important of all, the P.O.W house.

The fact is with current credit conditions John McCain probably couldn’t have even gotten a mortgage on that house. Though to not let people forget he is suggesting a new economic indicator “New P.O.W Housing Starts”

I suggest he start a new time share concept where you spend two weeks in a nice condo in Aruba then two weeks in a lightless shack in Guantanamo bay

Trying to be hip John McCain was at a Kanye West concert and when asked after how he enjoyed the concert he made the “roof, the roof, the roof” gesture and reminded people he didn’t have the clearance to make that gesture in the POW camp.

Well I think everybody knows the old saying People in the POW camps shouldn’t throw stones at beer heiress condos.

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