Wednesday, November 12, 2008

General Motor Unveils Their Car of the Future the “Obsolete”.

General Motor unveils their car of the future the “Obsolete”.
Deciding to embrace their weaknesses rather than deny them General Motors showed off their new model currently in production.
A spokesman for the company boasted about some of the features
"The Obsolete’s interior is designed like a giant cup holder since that seemed to be the biggest concern of consumers. We felt beverage ergonomics was more important than leg room.
It does get terrible mileage but more importantly your ipod does work in the gas tank if you accidentally drop it in there while refueling.
Gm plans to have the Obsolete in showrooms just around the time they file for bankruptcy. But the spokesman was quick to add the new prototype for the “We’re Fucked’ sedan and convertible will make its debut at the January Auto show.

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